About Community Financial Wellness

Local to Bullhead City Community

“Uplifting our community, encouraging financial success, and expecting wellness for our neighbors”


MISSION STATEMENT • To empower people in their communities through financial literacy education.

Community Financial Wellness (CFW) is a non-profit corporation with a mission to provide financial literacy education to empower our local community through leading-edge technology, which is essential for evolving our economy.

Financial literacy is a key element in developing financial accountability and success with your entrepreneurial vision.

Creating a Local Workforce

Our goal is to provide educational resources for developing a successful LOCAL workforce, as well as Internet-Based Entrepreneurs.

Technology Entrepreneurship is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.  Our interactive programs teach the current trends in video marketing, video communication, and video production.

Local business owners are encouraged to increase their Internet presence and video-based approach, resulting in a more profitable business structure.

The Internship Program

Special attention is directed toward our Youth Entrepreneur Internship Programs for our progressive youth, giving them a purposeful and passion-driven financial head start.  The Internship Program is about offering our interns a plan of action, whereby the “intern graduates” have an opportunity to work in the fast-growing industry of technology entrepreneurship.  Together we focus on their ideas and goals, and then help them explore their place in the workforce, whether as an employee or a small business owner.

Guest Speaker Events

Community Financial Wellness hosts 6-8 Guest Speaker Presentations per month.  We reach out to the business community to share their knowledge, skill and experience to help young entrepreneurs establish a solid foundation.

Together we create more.

Veterans Program

To support our Veterans, CFW offers Business Skills and Entrepreneurship Readiness Program to explore and develop a plan of action that re-integrates them into the workforce, as well as to encourage entrepreneurial possibilities.

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